Groom with us!!!

**Call For Pricing**
**Prices may vary depending on dog temperment and coat condition**
**We do include anal gland expression in the grooming package upon request at no extra charge**

Nail trims
Please call prior to coming in to ensure we are available. Our hours are appointment based, therefore, if we have weekend and evening appointments we may take time off in the week.

Short hair bath
Nail trim, ear cleaning, bath and blow dry. 

Small / Medium / Large

Bath and Tidy

Nail trim, ear cleaning, bath, brush-out, blow dry and
tidying of face, feet, groin, ( some breeds may require some tidying of belly,
bum etc.

Small / Medium / Large

Full Groom

Nail trim, ear cleaning, bath and blow
dry, brush out, and hair is taken to whatever length you would like. (excess
matting my mean we have no choice but to shave dog short)

Small / Medium / Large




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